Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you teach beginners?

Yes. If you have never sang a note before I will help you find your voice and show you the basics of singing enabling you to sing the songs you love.

Where are you based?

I teach my singing students from my home teaching space located on the High Street in Gosforth, NE3 1HB. It is a great place to learn to sing, with a relaxing environment that helps my students learn to sing even faster. Click on the map to bring up my rough location on Google Maps. My full teaching address will be provided upon your first lesson booking.

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Is parking available nearby?

Yes, the Job Bulman has a carpark just behind my building which charges 30p per hour. There is also a Sainsburys' carpark close by and depending on the time of day, parking in some of the nearby streets is also available. 

Do you teach children?

Yes, I teach children above 8 years of age, making the lessons fun, engaging and most of all enjoyable for the child. For children between 8-12 I recommend half hourly lessons each week.

What songs will we sing?

It really is up to you what we sing, I can certainly recommend and advise you but ultimately it is the student’s choice as to what styles and genres that you would like to explore.

Do I need anything before I start my first lesson?

If you can bring a long a notebook or diary, that would be excellent.

Am I too old to start singing lessons?

Of course not. Anyone of any age can learn and apply good singing techniques. If you would simply like to gain confidence with your voice then these lessons are ideal for you.

Do you teach singing exams?

No, the majority of my students prefer to work on a range of material rather than selected pieces from the exam boards. This means they get to learn more songs and also means they do not have the added pressure and expense of working towards an exam. 

Can we arrange group lessons?

Yes, group lessons are a great way to build confidence if you are nervous about singing solo.

Do you offer gift vouchers?

Yes, contact me for more information.

I’m tone deaf and have never even touched an instrument in my entire life, do you think I can learn to sing?

I believe that anyone can sing and you definitely do not need to be ‘musical’ to do so - no one is born able to sing, it is a skill that is developed over time with practise. You can view the list of famous singers from Newcastle to get some inspiration.

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