Singing Lessons in Newcastle

Singing Lessons in Newcastle

Welcome to Singing Lessons Newcastle, my name is Christina and I am vocal coach based in Newcastle able to help you to reach your full vocal potentical. I teach students of all and abilities, so whether you are a beginner student who is perhaps looking to build confidence in your singing voice or you are an experienced vocalist looking to reach that next level I would be delighted to teach you.

Since graduating from Northumbria University with a BA in Performance I have been working in performing arts for a number of years with a combination of teaching and singing. I was a musical director for First Act Theatre in Gosforth and have run extracurricular singing classes in various schools in the North East. I currently work as a singing teacher with The Charlotte Gardiner Performance Academy and the Royalty Youth Theatre Academy.

In addition to teaching, I still perform with several bands and duos; a mixture of rock, pop and jazz. My interest and experience with a variety of styles mean I am able to give my students a range of materials to work on - including classical singing. I worked as a professional singer with Cruise and Maritime Voyages for a year and since returning I have resumed private lessons with several of the students I met from previous work.

For students of all ages I am keen to help them to build both ability and confidence, working through a course of individually tailored lessons focused around the music they have always wanted to sing. So whether you are just starting out, want to expand your existing knowledge or even are thinking of performing at X Factor auditions don't hesitate to email me on to find out more about how I can help you develop your singing voice.

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